About us

Bar whynot? is one of the oldest international bars around. Situated in the heart of the famous Motomachi shopping street in Yokohama. The interior décor is simple and natural. Tropical plants, vines, wooden floor, natural wood colored bar counter, tables and chairs. The off orange walls are adorned with posters of famous soccer players like Steven Gerrard of Liverpool football club. And yes Steven Gerrard and the entire Liverpool squad for the 2005 Toyota cup competition was our guest. We also had the honor of hosting the Bolton Wanderers fc. squad (also of English premier league) the summer of that same year..,

We broadcast all major sports on our big screen Tv. English premier league, Spanish league, NBA, Boxing, etc.

If your palate is a little bored lately, and tired of your usual range of dining choices bar whynot? has the answer for you. We offer wide range of Thai cuisine. While the focus is on Thai dishes like Fried Thai Noodles, Rice with fried basil and beef, Tomyannkun soup, Green curry, “our special recommendations”, Our Thai chef also offers you a choice of western and a bit of Chinese too. Come Try our Nachos, and Cheese burgers.

The international atmosphere of bar whynot make`s it very welcoming for both foreigners and Japanese alike. Is a good place for the Ex-pat and local Japanese to meet and exchange culture and language. Don`t forget our famous international party every 3rd Saturday of every month.

There is reception for your mobile phone and wi-fi wireless internet connection is also available, so bring your laptop or I-phone and be connected.